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Custom Stained Glass

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Welcome to The Magic Hour Glass

Portland-based artist Tamara Goldsmith at your service, here to create artful stained glass additions to your home. I create custom stained glass art pieces that hang in any window, plant-stakes to add personality to your potted plants, and jewelry to adorn the body. Scroll on to shop ready-made art purchased right from the website, or get in touch for a custom consultation made by appointment to discuss a design idea you'd like to have made in stained glass. I would love to work with you!If you live in Portland, you can now window shop at my glass gallery open 24-7! 4828 N. Williams Ave 





Tamara Goldsmith hails from the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She attended the University of Oregon in 1991 and graduated with a degree in Jewelry & Metalsmithing with a Minor in Art History. After moving to Portland in 1997, she worked in various jewelry production jobs, started TAG Design as a metalsmith in 2004, and finally opened Redux Jewelry Boutique and Gallery in 2005. She managed, curated, and designed objects and wearables for her jewelry store, gift shop and gallery ever since. The shop was a mecca for local artisans and makers providing a venue and opportunity for Tamara and her collective to share their treasures with the world. Redux featured hundreds of art openings and was a patron of the arts in the Central Eastside of Portland, within its vibrant and growing creative community.  During the early pandemic times, Tamara rekindled her love of stained glass and started a new business called Magic Hour Glass.

This is the online shop showcasing that collection.

Tamara now spends her days working in her shop & breaking glass (on purpose), snuggling with 3 cats, 1 pomeranian and a chinchilla and lives happily with her magical, blue-haired partner in their North Portland converted church home.

magical mystical crystal ball in stained glass



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