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Art Deco Briolette Dangles Stained Galss Suncatcher

This lovely traditional fan-shaped Deco piece is so sweet with it's dangling sparkly glass briolette tear-drops and black chain drape. 

This piece was copper-foiled using traditional methods by hand.


Measures about 10" tall, 8" wide and hangs from the top of the chain to the bottom; about 16" in total. A lightweight black jack chain is secured from two soldered jump rings at the top edges to keep it facing forward.


60/40 lead/tin solder was used and the border is lead came.

Lead is not dangerous to have in your home in an art-piece like this unless sanded or causing lead-dust to be airborne and inhaled or somehow ingested. However, it is always a good idea to wash your hands well after cleaning or handling the piece.

Art Deco Briolette Dangles Stained Galss Suncatcher

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