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Stained Glass Tooth Ornament

This copper-foiled, stained glass tooth ornament was handmade by Tamara Goldsmith in her Portland, OR studio.


These come in two different white glass, one is iridescent pale pink, the other opaque and wispy white. Each have been painted with golden "fillings" and fired with permanent glass paint. Also looks great hanging as a car charm from your rear-view window, and in any sun-filled window. The solder lines and lead came frame on this piece are polished and waxed for a protective, shiny surface.

Measures about 4” long, 3” wide.

60/40 lead/tin solder was used and the border is lead came. Lead is not dangerous to have in your home unless it is sanded or converted to lead-dust and sent airborne, then inhaled or somehow ingested. Touching it minimally is completely safe, however, it is always a good idea to wash your hands well after cleaning or handling any items containing lead. For display purposes only.

Stained Glass Tooth Ornament

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