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Witches Boots Spider & Web Stained Glass Panel

This beautiful copper-foiled stained glass window was handmade by Tamara Goldsmith in her Portland, OR studio. 

These witches boots were mostly made from the same sheet of glass, which really shows the diverse array of colors that exist in a sheet. Permanent paint was added to define the details of the boot like folds and shoelaces. Wire-work was added for the spider and web, with a tiny glass button as the body of the spider. They are playful and fun, with a quirky spin on a spooky themed icon.

Hangs from two points near the top and sides with a heavy black ball chain.

Measures about 8" wide, 10" tall and hangs from the top of the chain to the bottom; about 20" in total.


60/40 lead/tin solder was used and the border is lead came. 

Lead is not dangerous to have in your home in an art-piece like this unless sanded or causing lead-dust to be airborne and inhaled or somehow ingested. However, it is always a good idea to wash your hands well after cleaning or handling the piece.

Witches Boots Spider & Web Stained Glass Panel

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