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Fused Dichroic Glass Necklace, Lead-free, Gunmetal Chain


Beautiful, one-of-a-kind fused dichroic glass necklace sparkles in vibrant blue, yellow, and purple. Its shape is that of a phoenix rising, with a motif that feels somewhat Native American in origin. Handmade with bail wire soldered to copper foiled edge framing the pendant to make it secure and sturdy for long-term wear. Comes with a standard 16" gunmetal chain that has a lobster claw closure.  Please let me know if you need an 18" chain length instead, free of additional charge. 


Lead-free solder (as well as use of a dedicated lead-free iron) and fused dichroic glass.


The pendant alone measures about an inch wide and 1.5 inches tall as a wide rectangle.

The dichroic image sparkles with color-changing qualities.


All designs Copyright 2024 by Tamara Goldsmith 

Phoenix Rising Large Fused Dichroic Glass Necklace, Lead-free

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