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Stained Glass Poison Potion Bottle

Handmade by Tamara Goldsmith, this unique piece is one-of-a-kind,  designed, hand-cut, copper-foiled, and assembled using a traditional Tiffany method in her Portland, Oregon studio. Wire-work details were added to help define details of the glass bottle, cork stopper and Skull-and-crossbones tag. A beautiful wispy stained glass was used for the potion, and a textured clear for the bottle.

Stained Glass, a technique relatively unchanged for hundreds of years, is the ancient art of assembling cut, mineral-infused, handmade art glass together with lead/tin seams. 60/40 lead/tin solder was used and the border is lead came.

The piece will be carefully wrapped to prevent breakage during domestic shipping.

It hangs from a steel jack chain about 10 inches from the top and the piece itself is about 11” tall and 7” wide.

Lead is not dangerous to have in your home in an art-piece like this unless sanded, causing lead-dust to be airborne and inhaled or somehow ingested. However, it is always a good idea to wash your hands well after cleaning or handling the piece.

Stained Glass Poison Potion Bottle

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